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4 Inspiring Trends For Patios And Decks In Gold Coast In 2023

Decks and patios have become an inseparable extension of the home. One can use them for relaxing, entertaining, cooking, and exercising in multiple ways. Therefore, when it comes to designing Patios and Decks Gold Coast, there is a range of design possibilities.

We have narrowed down your options by providing a list of the most popular deck and patio trends to follow in 2023.

1. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor entertainment and cooking are one of the latest patio and deck trends that most homeowners love to embrace. The drastic rise of this trend extends more than a BBQ. You will find various features and amenities available for an outdoor kitchen on your patio.

For example, some Patios and Decks Builders Gold Coast accommodate an outdoor kitchen with the patio by adding features like a grill or pizza oven. Installing an independent kitchen is another excellent feature. Many homeowners have asked the patio builders to add elements like sinks, storage, refrigerator and prep slab.

2. Relaxation Hubs

Another hot trend that makes its way to decks and patios in Gold Coast is relaxation hubs. You can basically relax in these sitting areas and do anything you want, such as read, rest, talk, or do any personal hobby. Adding a relaxation hub means you should have adequate space for seating, drapey and different forms of shades for spending hot days. You can also consider creating a peaceful environment with some décor items and flowers in these spaces.

3. Vegetable Gardens

Due to homeowners’ popularity in consuming organic, home-grown food, they prefer to spend a reasonable amount of time gardening and harvesting. Adding a vegetable garden along with the deck or patio is a great opportunity to pursue the hobby of gardening and micro gardening. More and more homeowners are opting for this option to add home-grown, organic vegetables to their plates.

4. Yoga Studios

After the pandemic hit, there has been a rise in health awareness worldwide. As a result, many homeowners look for ways to destress and improve their health and stamina. They choose yoga, which can be done indoors and outdoors. If you want to enjoy yoga in the freshness of nature and amid the natural noises, creating a space outdoors for doing yoga, meditation and workout is a great option. Nothing would be better than designing a mini yoga studio and workout space on the Patios and Decks in Gold Coast.

Make Your Dream Patio/Deck a Reality!

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