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5 Things Professional Patio Builders In Gold Coast Would Consider To Create A Great Outdoor Space

A patio doesn’t necessarily mean just a big rectangle by the backdoor. Whether you have a small backyard or an extensive garden, a patio can immensely impact how it looks and how well it can serve its intended purpose. Thanks to numerous outdoor decorations that can upgrade any boring outdoor space into an enviable patio retreat. Whether you want to design your own or work with professional Patio Builders Gold Coast, here are five things to consider during the patio building planning phase.

1. Purpose

What will be the purpose of building the patio? Do you just want to use it as a small and quiet space for relaxing? Or do you wish to have spacious dining, partying and gardening? Or both? Before designing, consult with patio and Decks Builders Gold Coast.

It would be best if you envisioned all activities and occasions for how you want to utilise the space. Also, consider how many people you expect to gather in the space and what size the dining table will serve your purpose.

2. Location

Once you narrow down the purpose of building a patio, the next consideration is location. You need to decide a few things like – whether you prefer an open space or something more intimate, whether you want it just adjoining your backdoor or farther away in your yard.

The location you decide should have adequate space to accommodate some chairs. Find out whether the place has any obstacles to its views.

3. Dining and Cooking

Since patios are the best places for summer dining, they are often placed close to the kitchen. Also, there should be space for the grill and oven with proper ventilation for the smoke coming out during cooking.

4. Outdoor “Rooms”

If you have a large patio area, you can think about dividing it into individual spaces. Choose furniture like a pair of chaise lounges or a firepit to place in this area. It will help create outdoor ‘rooms’ as you have inside the house.

If you choose a particular space for the seating area, you can also create a conversation and relaxing zone decorating with the beautiful Synthetic Turf Gold Coast.

5. Light and Shade

What time(s) of the day will you utilise the area most? Do you prefer to lounge in the sun or feel cosy under some shades? Based on these considerations, you can carefully place a pergola, a shade umbrella or trees.

Final Thought

Hiring professional and experienced Patio Builders in Gold Coast can fulfil your wish of creating a patio or deck just the way you want it to look. Mr. Mac’s Landscapes, the patio and landscaping services expert, can help you achieve the exact patio you want at your outdoors. To book an appointment or learn more about our services, call us at +61 477 018 755.