Retaining Walls Gold Coast

Consider These 5 Points Before Building Retaining Walls In Gold Coast

Retaining walls are a common feature of landscaping improvements as these are often built in Australian properties with the purpose of improving the appearance and functionality of residential and commercial developments. While the cost of building Retaining Walls Gold Coast is quite expensive, these play an important role in holding the soil behind the wall in sloped areas.

We can’t ignore the fact that retaining walls are also one of the least understood topics for many Australians. Hence, we are going to cover 5 crucial things one should consider when building a retaining wall.

1. Durability

Most retaining walls in Australia require a building permit that has a design life of 50 years. However, it is undeniable that a timber-looked wall can start appearing worn-out long before that. Besides, there are chances of mould and decay that would affect its aesthetics and durability.

Instead, you can go with a vegetated retaining wall that can ensure more than 50 years of lifespan, if designed correctly. However, these are typically covered with vertical green grasses and are mostly seen for commercial purposes.

If you want a retaining wall with a timeless finish that can support all Irrigation Systems in Gold Coast, even in extreme environmental conditions, there is no better option than concrete for your retaining wall.

2. Lifecycle Cost

While the timber pole wall is the most common retaining wall in Australia, it seldom meets the required design life. Made of round-treated pine posts and rails, this cheapest option can go with low-height walls, up to 1.5-2 metres high.

However, as a homeowner, if you want to avoid the horrible lean of this wall or the blocked drainage, you should never rely on the timber. Even considering the resale value, choosing this wall wouldn’t be a wise decision.

3. Elements of Design

One thing you must remember is that Retaining Walls in Gold Coast are structures that need to be designed following certain conditions, including the strength of the soil, any loads on these walls from buildings, and the presence of groundwater. Make sure to check whether the structure of a retaining wall in your location needs building consent from the local authority.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from their functional benefits, you should also consider the overall impact of retaining walls on your property. After all, they have a highly visible structure by their nature. Hence, it is better to consult a landscaping contractor for choosing the texture, colour, and pattern of your retaining walls to avoid structural mistakes.

5. Buildability

If you are a weekend DIY warrior, it is better to spare the DIY experiment on retaining walls as there are lots of critical issues like access to the site for machinery, adequate drainage, and speciality equipment. Instead, you should look for some Affordable Landscape Contractors Gold Coast who can understand the entire system.

Choosing a specialist landscaping service like Mr. Mac’s Landscapes can ensure that your retaining walls will meet all the above considerations including design, construction, and aesthetics.


Q. How long should a retaining wall last?

A. While a stone retaining wall should ensure somewhere between 50 and 100 years, wood retaining walls can last around 40 years.

Q. What are the most durable retaining walls?

A. Among all materials, poured concrete is the most durable choice for retaining walls.

Q. What should be the minimum height of a retaining wall?

A. Retaining wall building codes and regulations vary by state. Generally, the average height of Retaining Walls in Gold Coast should be somewhere between 3 feet to 4 feet.


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