Patios and Decks Builders in Gold Coast

How To Make Your Outdoor Space More Inviting With Patios And Decks In Gold Coast

Having an extended outdoor space to entertain friends and family, get some fresh air, and relax seems a blessing for any household. However, many homeowners fail to take advantage of their outdoors as the area is not protected from weather elements.

Now, you can easily fix this problem – by adding patios and decks!

If you want to enjoy outdoor living by adding patios and decks in Gold Coast, here are some practical tips on making them more inviting.

Pick the Right Style for Your Patio or Deck

Both decks and patios offer you ample space for relaxing outdoor living. You need to consider your usage, preferences, installation cost of decks and patios, and other things before making an informed decision on choosing the right style.

You can also get help from professional decks builders in Gold Coast to decide which option would be best fit for your outdoors.

For example, based on the available space for decks, you may decide to add a wraparound deck, attached or detached deck to your outdoor living area.

Add Some Outdoor Furniture

Remember that the right furniture can set the right mood for outdoor living. To make your deck or patio the best place to unwind, you should start researching some appropriate patio or deck furniture options available in the market.

Consider adding furniture made of durable materials like teak, acacia, or wicker so that you don’t need to move them inside during the rain.

Hang Some Plants Around Your Deck and Patio

Prepare your yard for the summer by hanging some plants around. Plants can add vibrancy and colours to the space. Some low-maintenance plants along with succulents, orchids, and cordylines would be a great addition to the space. You can also make the space attractive with a herb garden.

Set Up a Fire Pit Or Grill for Cooking

An outdoor space without barbeque is unimaginable. You may consider popular cooking options like a fire pit or grill. Fire pits would be ideal for the cooler months, whereas you can cook here throughout the year. Similarly, you can enjoy your summer afternoons beside your grill on the patio and deck. Ask your patios and decks builders in Gold Coast for the right material and design for your cooking equipment.

Consider Lighting Options to Make the Space More Inviting

You can find a variety of lighting styles for your deck and patio that can enlighten the space without overwhelming it with too much light. You may go with string lights, rattan lanterns, or LED tealights as available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. If possible, you can make them solar-powered to reduce your energy bill.

Looking for Professional Builders for Patios and Decks in Gold Coast?

The most important factor for building an amazing deck or patio is the right professional. You need to invest in an experienced team to get a quality patio or beautiful deck. Consider hiring Mr. Mac’s Landscapes as your best choice for your landscaping in Gold Coast.


Q. What is the strongest material for building decks?

A. Due to longevity, cost-effectiveness, and several other reasons, most deck builders in Gold Coast prefer using composite decking for building decks.

Q. What is the most durable material for building a patio?

A. Many patio builders in Gold Coast consider paver as the best patio material due to its strength, availability of options, and ease of repair.

Q. Which patio material is most suitable for the Australian hot climate?

A. Considering the hot climate conditions, it is advisable to go with concrete for building patios as it is comfortable to walk on, even during the summer.


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