Synthetic Turf Gold Coast

Know The Basic Specifications Before Installing Synthetic Turf In Gold Coast

For homeowners who are tired of taking extra care in lawn maintenance, choosing the artificial or synthetic turf is a wise move. From outdoor lawns to concrete surfaces and fitness centres – synthetic turfs can go with almost all surfaces.

If you are planning to install synthetic turf in your space, this article is for you. After all, before investing your time and efforts to Synthetic Turf in Gold Coast, you must understand the products and its unique features to make an informed decision.

Here are some basic specifications about synthetic turfs that will help you choose the right one for your space!

Components of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turfs are made up of the following components, which also determine their quality –

  • Yarns: Synthetic turf yarns are the individual synthetic fibres, which we can also call ‘the hair of synthetic turf’. This topmost portion creates the lush green effects on which we actually walk or play.
  • Backing: Synthetic turf fibers are supported by a backing material.
  • Coating: The superior quality of coating ensures the longevity of the synthetic turf.

Important Considerations While Choosing the Best Synthetic Turf

Yearns are the most important part of any synthetic turf. Whether you are going to install the artificial grass yourself and hire professional paving contractors for the task, make sure the following characteristics of yarns are maintained while buying the synthetic turf yarns –

  • Material: Synthetic turf yarn is made of polymers, more specifically polyethylene, sometimes nylon. Along with that specific substances are mixed to obtain the high quality and long-lasting resistance.
  • Height: Maintaining the uniformity and standard height, choose something between 30-37 mm.
  • Density: The density of the artificial turf refers to the number of stitches per sq.m. and is categorised based on stitches.
  • Gauge: Gauge or the distance of turfing lines is available in varieties like 3/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 5/8-inch, and 3/16-inch.
  • Colour: Of course, the colour of your synthetic turf would be green. But, these are also available in varying shades of green. Whether you want to stick to basic green shade, different shades of green or something that matches your existing lawn or Garden Screens in Gold Coast – can be a deciding factor for choosing the right colour of your synthetic turf.
  • Shapes: Synthetic turf yarns are designed in different shapes to make the turf more flexible, durable and natural-looking. Choose the shape of the grass blade to ensure how the grass looks, feels and works.
  • Backing: It is suggested to invest in Synthetic Turf in Gold Coast that comes with the most reliable hole-punch backing.

Want the Best Synthetic Turf To Be Installed?

If you wish to install the best synthetic turf for your backyard, lawn or any other place, you can contact Mr. Mac’s Landscapes – one of the best Paving Contractors Gold Coast who can help you choose the best quality synthetic turf at an affordable price.


Q. What is the difference between synthetic turf and artificial turf?

A. Both synthetic and artificial turfs refer to the surface of synthetic fibres looking similar to natural grass. These are actually different search term essential mean the same thing.

Q. Should I lay synthetic turf on the soil?

A. Laying synthetic turf directly over the soil is no problem, once you follow the groundwork rule – a level, well-drained surface.

Q. Is synthetic turf permanent?

A. Laying Synthetic Turf in Gold Coast is not a permanent solution as you may have to replace it within 8 years or so once the existing one is worn out.


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