About Synthetic Turf & Garden Makeovers

Deep soaking of your lawn promotes strong Synthetic Turf grass growth. It is better for root development than regular light watering when caring for your turf.

For the best lawn health, we recommend one deep watering per week. This will change depending on the time of year. In cooler months, plants need less water, while they must more water in hotter months. Especially in our climate, we recommend you water in the morning for Garden Makeovers.

Water must go deep into the soil base. This ensures turf grass grows strong, deep roots. It encourages strong growth in Synthetic Turf Gold Coast.

It is important to check water penetration when watering your lawn. If water is running off your lawn you may need to apply a wetting agent to help your soil take up water.

Decorative screens can add privacy to an area, or make an entry pop. Our screens have been very popular and receiving rave reviews.

Water in a garden is a very soothing element!  Our services range from in ground liner ponds to small water gardens that hang from walls.

Do your plants not work? Don’t have a green thumb? A Garden Makeover removes all the guesswork.

This makes sure Synthetic Turf grass develops a deep root base. It also encourages strong turf growth.

Maintenance Tips

The first step is to add gypsum to the soil. Apply gypsum at 1 kilo per square metre, digging this into the top 10-15cm well. Gypsum works on the clay, breaking it up into small crumbly pieces making it easier to work with and also improves drainage.

The next step is to build up the soil with plenty of organic matter.

Change Keep lawnmowers & wildlife clear from trees, too.

Moisture issues around a home can become a serious problem if they are not dealt with. Moisture can be caused by faulty plumbing like old pipes or even downpipes not properly connected.

Fully functional drainage system is a must these days.

Change Plants are in clay soil, do not sit in water. Too.

Drainage gravels are generally used to facilitate the movement of water around your property or more to the point, away from it altogether! The most common usage is behind retaining walls or sub-surface drainage trenches running underneath lawns and gardens. Drainage gravel is essentially used in any location where you need water to run freely and with minimal resistance.

is an Australian born and bred turf more affectionately known as “Wally.” Sir Walter is a soft leaf buffalo lawn which has proved to be a top preforming grass for our harsh Queensland conditions. Being introduced to Australian Lawns in 1997, Sir Walter is has a large following and is used widely in Commercial and Domestic settings.

Sir Walter is drought tolerant and requires little mowing or fertilising to keep it looking healthy and strong. The leaf is a wider blade and performs well in full sun or shaded areas. Sir Walter is disease and fungus resistant, has excellent wear / tear tolerance and is a low allergy turf.

is native to Australia, which is why it has been so successfully grown in the harshest environments. Queensland Blue Couch is widely found to be the lawn of homes in older, more established areas of South East Queensland (and should be considered if matching up to an existing lawn in these areas). This reliable variety has the ability to adapt to the harsh environment that South East Queensland offers up, and is best known for its rapid growth response after even small amounts of rain. Queensland Blue Couch was widely used for lawns that didn’t receive a lot of attention in the past. If you are looking for a prestige lawn, then Queensland Blue Couch can be manicured into a bowling green as well. Its open structure coupled with a soft blue/green leaf makes this grass a stand out.