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Top 3 Ways To Create A Beautiful Backyard With Synthetic Turf And Garden Screens In Gold Coast

Do you want to enjoy the most of your outdoor area all year round? Then, the best thing you can do is beautify your yard and make it multi-functional in various possible ways. Nowadays, you can explore ample gardening options, starting from synthetic turf to retaining walls and Garden Screens in Gold Coast, which can be perfect additions to any outdoor space.

So, if you want to use your outdoor space in multi-purpose ways, let us guide you on how to create a perfect backyard with versatile gardening materials.

3 Multi-Functional Ways To Beautify Your Outdoors

Here are some great ideas with gardening elements you can try for your outdoor space –

Transform your green space with synthetic turfs

Synthetic turfs are great substitutes for growing green natural grass. With them, you can enjoy the green tones, soft and lush texture, and natural ambience without any maintenance. Installing Synthetic Turf in Gold Coast comes with multiple benefits, including –

  • No requirements for nutrients
  • No mowing, no watering that would make the backyard a muddy mess
  • Enjoy the lush green feel even in shady areas
  • More focus on gardening than maintaining your natural grass
  • Long durability

Given its durability, synthetic turf or artificial turf can be a real problem solver for high-traffic zones in your garden, such as driveway strips and walkway pavers.

Increase your outdoor privacy with garden screens

Even though you want to beautify your outdoor space, you should leave no stone unturned to maximise its usage and add privacy whenever required. Garden Screens in Gold Coast would be a perfect addition to your yard for many reasons –

  • Enjoying your relaxing time outdoor
  • Using the backyard for al fresco dining
  • Growing fruits and vegetables
  • Achieving a sense of seclusion from neighbours, passersby, and traffic

Garden privacy screens are available in various styles and materials, including standard fencing, metal garden screens, garden trellises, and so on.

Complement your property with retaining walls

When it comes to garden improvement, retaining walls are perfect additions to improve its appearance, aesthetics, and functionality. Retaining Walls in Gold Coast can seamlessly complement a landscape if it has uneven terrain. The structure made of concrete blocks, stones, rocks, and other materials can help retain the soil in sloppy areas.

Whether you want to add a built-in or customised retaining wall to your landscape, you can enjoy the below benefits –

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Avoiding the possibility of floods and property damage
  • Gaining more space
  • Increasing curb appeal and more

If you are fascinated with the idea of transforming your outdoor space by adding synthetic turfs, retaining walls, or gardening screens in Gold Coast, you need to find a trusted and professional landscaper in your area like Mr. Mac’s Landscapes. Whether you want a simple turf installation or a complex makeover, Mr. Mac’s Landscapes’ professional landscapers have all solutions for you.


Q. Is synthetic turf safe for kids?

A. If you buy quality synthetic turf in Gold Coast, you have the assurance that it is completely safe for kids as it comes with non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial properties.

Q. What are the different types of garden screens?

A. Some common garden screens are bamboo screens, rusted metal screens, patio screens, wooden board screens, and pergolas.

Q. Name some popular types of retaining walls.

A. Four main types of retaining walls in Gold Coast are –

  • Embedded retaining walls
  • Gravity retaining walls
  • Reinforced soil retaining walls
  • Cantilever retaining walls


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