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Top Landscaping Water-Saving Ideas For Effective Irrigation Systems In Gold Coast

It’s 2023 and time for making your landscape more water-efficient. Having faced drought-like situations for a long time, Gold Coast appreciates any water-saving idea to conserve the existing resource of water. While certain water-saving steps are recommended for state and city-specific guidelines, there are many other steps you can follow to make your Irrigation Systems Gold Coast more water-efficient.

3 Water Saving Tips For Gold Coast Landscapes

Since rainfall has been below the average in an extended part of Queensland, including the Gold Coast, it would be always helpful to plan and invest in creating drought-tolerant landscapes. Here are some effective water-saving ideas often used by top Landscaping Services Gold Coast

Introduce Hardscaping

One of the most effective ways to save water is by reducing the water-craving lawn areas in your landscape. Instead, you can add hardscaping elements, such as concrete and flagstone. Also, schedule regular irrigation maintenance services so that your drainage system remains clear of leaves and debris.

Consulting with some professional Paving Contractors Gold Coast would be fruitful as they can guide you on how to use the hard surface of the landscape and add paved surfaces to prevent mossy, hazardous growth.

Give a Plant Composition Makeover

For the existing part of your landscape, try to replace thirsty shrubs and plants with water-retaining varieties. You can also consider adding some drought-tolerant plants. Another water-efficient landscaping tip is swapping the traditional grass with low-watering grass. Nowadays, incorporating xeriscapes in the lawn has proven an effective step to reduce water consumption.

For a new landscape, it is essential to choose your plants, trees, and shrubs wisely and place them appropriately to minimize their water consumption. Choosing the right soil is important to prevent water runoffs and soil deterioration. Mulching can be helpful to boost your Irrigation Systems Gold Coast as mulching can retain soil moisture and decrease plants’ water consumption.

Add Drainage Water Recycling

Following the local water-use restrictions on the newly installed sprinklers is necessary for reducing your water usage and avoiding fines. Investing in a drip irrigation system is helpful to obtain a controlled amount of water.

Switch to micro-sprays and soaker hoses so that you can prolongate the watering times for plants and eliminate the chance of soil erosion or nutrient runoff. Nowadays, more and more professional Landscaping Services Gold Coast have come up with the idea of storing drainage water in the reservoir and recycling and reusing it to water the landscape.

Hire Expert Landscapers and Save Water

Choose a professional team of landscapers and Paving Contractors Gold Coast like Mr. Mac’s Landscapes which prioritises cost-effective and water-efficient techniques for landscaping and irrigation systems.


Q. What are the types of pavements in a landscape?

A. Based on design considerations, there are two types of pavements – flexible pavement and rigid pavement.

Q. What are the different paving options on a driveway?

A. Most professional Paving Contractors Gold Coast offer various paving options, including stone or block paving, spray-on paving, and pebble paving for the driveways.

Q. Will a landscaping and paving contractor address drainage?

A. A professional landscaper must examine and grade check the soil before starting landscaping and then he recommends the necessary steps to ensure proper drainage on it.


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